I’ve got a special request this week. Jason and I are working on our next big online course. If you’ve ever gotten something out of an online class from Creativetechs, we need your help now. I’m hoping you’ll take the time to answer three questions in the comments below: 1. What makes the Creativetechs training […]

Okay, I need help. Our online classes are really taking off, and before our new 10-Week Flash Course starts next month, we need someone helping record and edit the videos for each class. What does the job entail? This person needs to arrive about 90 minutes before class starts to test all the sound and […]

I love uncovering basic tricks I should’ve already known. This is a great one that will save me time almost every day. Need to match a color from a web page or something else while working in Photoshop? Just click with the eyedropper tool somewhere in your Photoshop file, and drag the cursor off to […]

This isn’t a tip. It’s a screenshot Kyle just sent me from one of the cooler projects we’ve been involved in so far this year. Kyle and Jordan prepared an entire network of computer images that a client took to China on a laptop drive. Kyle had to help them configure the network sufficiently over […]

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of questions about printing, and prepress in our weekly InDesign classes. For an understanding of the issues involved in reproducing your digital designs on old-fangled ink and paper, I highly recommend a newly updated book by Sandee Cohen: Book: From Design Into Print This book […]

Tuesday afternoons our resident Photoshop guru, Jason Hoppe, spends two hours solving real-world retouching challenges in front of a live worldwide audience. This started as an experiment for participants in our 10-Week Photoshop Course. SInce then it has grown into a weekly event with a dedicated and growing audience. Here is an amazing example from […]

In this short 8 minute video, Mark Monlux talks about his personal approach to using social networking tools for attract business as an independent professional illustrator. From a May 27, 2009 panel at the Seattle Graphic Artists Guild.

Last week, Jason spent some time working with rounded corners in InDesign. But here is a question that came up during our class Q&A that we didn’t have an immediate answer for: What if I only want to round a couple corners on my rectangle? You could draw those rounded corners by hand with the […]

If you do website design and development on a Mac, this is one of those tips you should love. Everyone else can skip this one (Don’t worry we’ll be back with something else for you next week). PHP and MySQL features don’t come enabled on the built-in OS X web server. It’s possible to access […]

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