InDesign-RoundedCornerScripts.gifLast week, Jason spent some time working with rounded corners in InDesign. But here is a question that came up during our class Q&A that we didn’t have an immediate answer for:

What if I only want to round a couple corners on my rectangle?

You could draw those rounded corners by hand with the Pen tool, or combine two separate boxes using InDesign’s pathfinder tools. But that’s kind of time consuming. Instead, it turns out there is an easy solution in the built-in script samples that Adobe provides.

Pull up the Scripts panel by choosing Window > Automation > Scripts. Look in the Application Samples and you’ll find a script named CornerEffects. Select a box and double-click on this script. You’ll be presented with a (somewhat clunky) dialog that lets you apply the rounded effect to specific corners.

Our friend James Dempsey at The Graphic Mac has a good write-up:

The Graphic Mac: Creating rounded corner boxes easily with InDesign scripts.

InDesign Course QuickTime MovieSource: Last week’s InDesign class on shapes and guides was jam-packed with tips and tricks. Here are links to purchase downloads of our current InDesign course, as well as last month’s completed Photoshop course:

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