I’ve got a special request this week. Jason and I are working on our next big online course. If you’ve ever gotten something out of an online class from Creativetechs, we need your help now.

I’m hoping you’ll take the time to answer three questions in the comments below:

1. What makes the Creativetechs training approach different?
(How does our class format compare to local classes, training videos, or other online webinars?)

2. Where do you live?
(We want to demonstrate the size of our audience with the comments on this post. Tell us where you live, and what time of day you join in for class.)

3. Does this live worldwide format really work?
(This is the important part. What does the experience feel like to you? Can you help describe this format to someone who’s never seen it?)

We’re planing an ambitious 6-month Photoshop course that builds from basics into advanced retouching techniques. To pull it off, we need new space, faster Internet, and some key partnerships. I’m talking with people this week, and I want to point skeptics among them to your comments to demonstrate that this online training format works.

We need your testimonials to help entice experts to Seattle for our little worldwide classroom. And I need to demonstrate the reach of our current classes in order to attract the support and sponsorship we’re going to need to keep this live class experience free.


Craig Swanson

PS. Scroll down to a comment I posted over the weeekend for my boldest public declaration so far about where we’re going with our online classroom. Scary and Exhilarating!

PS2. I’ve been updating and revising this post all weekend. So if early commenters don’t seem to be responding to the same questions, that’s MY fault, not theirs. 🙂