Okay, I need help. Our online classes are really taking off, and before our new 10-Week Flash Course starts next month, we need someone helping record and edit the videos for each class.

What does the job entail?

This person needs to arrive about 90 minutes before class starts to test all the sound and video feeds. They need to oversee the video and audio recording during class. After class, they need to lightly edit the final recording, and prepare final video files to be uploaded on the web.

We’re currently looking for 1-or-2 people who can handle these tasks as we continue to add additional courses to our weekly schedule.

This person should be experienced supporting various video and audio setups, very computer savvy, experienced with Final Cut Pro and other editing tools. And most importantly, reliable and trustworthy.

A bonus would be finding someone with web production skills who can update online course pages with the newly uploaded videos.

If you are interested, please email You should come in and watch one of our live classes in action, and we can discuss the options. I’d like to start interviewing people after this Thursday’s InDesign class (10:30am – 1:00pm), so please help spread the word.

PS. This is a paid position, however I’m not sure what it should pay. It is certainly not a full-time position (although the way things are growing around here, you never know!)