If you’ve ever wondered how to create animated GIFs in Photoshop, we’ve created a simple tutorial with some example files you can download and try out. We use a lot of animated GIF files in our weekly tips. They are fun to build, and better for our email subscribers because Flash animations are not supported […]

Next month, I’m giving a talk at Seattle’s Graphic Artists Guild about online social marketing. Want a sneak peak at some of the topics we’ll be discussing? Here are three short, manifestos to get you started: The Care & Feeding of Your Network. Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes: Building Your Personal Brand Online. […]

Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far during our worldwide training experiment. Jason and I are having a blast with our 10-Week Photoshop Course. I’ve got a couple important conversations coming up in the next two weeks that may allow us to expand our ability to offer courses like this in the […]

The fifth week of our 10-week Photoshop course focused on the magic of Layer Masks. This is an important topic that we’ll be using a lot in our two color correction classes coming up in several weeks. The live webinars are open to everyone worldwide (up to our 1,000 limit). And we sell the downloads […]

    Every graphic designer eventually finds themselves facing this client request. You’ve designed a newsletter layout in Adobe InDesign. The client loves it, but they want a template in Microsoft Word they can edit themselves.   Creativetechs happens to be located in Seattle, just across the lake from the Redmond campus of Microsoft. Needless […]

We’ve seen sporadic cases of Photoshop, InDesign, or Acrobat that stop working at various design firms, with the dialog box show above. “Licensing for the product has stopped working. This product has encountered a problem which requires that you start your computer before it can be launched.” If this happens to your, make note of […]

The fourth week of our 10-week Photoshop course hit a few audio bumps during the live webcast. Happily, with the magic of video editing those few glitches have been removed from the recordings, and all is right with the world. This week focused on advanced selections, digging into Photoshop’s QuickMask mode, channels, another touch on […]

On April 1st, we’ve enticed our friend and expert trainer Steve Laskevitch, founder of Luminous Works Training Center in Seattle, to lead a free, worldwide, 90-minute workshop on color management in Adobe Creative Suite (CS3 and CS4). Sign-up: Free Color Management Course This is not an April fools joke. At Creativetechs, we’ve been experimenting with […]

In December I published a tip on Frugal Ways to Spend Before Year End. Around that time, I asked a friend and colleague, Jason Knopp at Apple specialist The MacPac, to pull together a list of their used and refurbished Mac inventory as a resource we could point readers toward as part of saving money […]

Here is a short tutorial showing how class participants can receive Jason Hoppe’s 10-Week Photoshop Course as a special iTunes podcast. This special iTunes podcast is available to participants who pre-purchase the full 10-week downloads for this course (which you can do below). Pre-purchase all 10-Weeks ($50)

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