CareFeedingYourNetwork.pngNext month, I’m giving a talk at Seattle’s Graphic Artists Guild about online social marketing. Want a sneak peak at some of the topics we’ll be discussing? Here are three short, manifestos to get you started:

The Care & Feeding of Your Network.

Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes: Building Your Personal Brand Online.

Smart Networking: End the Resistance, Prepare for Success and Get 24/7 Results Without the 24/7 Effort.

I hand-picked these three from a terrific collection of manifestos at They are all a quick read, and each has a couple nuggets of wisdom that I’m hoping to incorporate into next month’s talk.Image from SPGA PDFApril 29th: I’ll be speaking during lunch at the the Pyramid Alehouse, near Safeco Field. Register at SPGA.

Seattle illustrator Ned Harrison designed a fun postcard to promote the event, with arctic sea life extolling various social marketing sites (the Facebook shrimp crack me up). Even if you aren’t in Seattle, grab a copy of the PDF:

SPGA-April 09 PDF.