In December I published a tip on Frugal Ways to Spend Before Year End. Around that time, I asked a friend and colleague, Jason Knopp at Apple specialist The MacPac, to pull together a list of their used and refurbished Mac inventory as a resource we could point readers toward as part of saving money on computer purchases.

Well, he put in a fair bit of work, and under the pressure of deadlines, I never included it in my story. To make up for that, I’d like to correct the record now. If you are looking for good deal on new, previous generation, or used Apple products, check out the MacPac Clearance page:

Link – MacPac Clearance Page

Note: That link isn’t available for the general public. Jason pulled it together in December just for our readers. Sorry for letting it languish Jason!

A Note for Former Westwind Clients

Who is The MacPac? Many Seattle-area Mac users fondly remember Westwind Computing, an Apple reseller that was founded by Michael Koidahl, and Gordon Davisson in 1989. Westwind specialized in supporting large corporate clients like Wizards of the Coast, Eddie Bauer, and Costco. When Westwind closed in 2006, they handed the torch to PowerMacPac (now The MacPac) an Apple specialist in Portland.

Today, Jason Knopp supports former Seattle-area Westwind clients. We’ve worked with Jason at many clients — including several of those larger corporate clients.

If you are located in the Seattle or Portland area, you can contact Jason about any upcoming Apple purchases. In these budget-conscious times, it never hurts to have an additional resource when comparing purchasing options. And of course, The MacPac can sell to people outside of the Pacific Northwest as well:

Jason Knopp