Wow. We had a fantastic Photoshop class today!

Today we experimented with adding a live Twitter chatroom for webinar participants to interact with each other during the workshop. That was a lot of fun, and in the process #creativetechs ended up becoming a trending topic on Twitter’s search page.

That’s largely thanks to an extended Twitter conversation about bacon. Which ended up spilling out into the live classroom. (Don’t worry, that will become clear once we get some video clips posted.)

Today was a LOT of fun. Thanks to everyone in person and online who joined us.

Newest Webinar Attendee

Amie Ross who joined us from Bellevue, WA emailed us this note with a couple photos. “Stepped away from Webinar this morning to grab a cup of coffee. When I came back into my office, this is what I saw. Thought you would enjoy!”



Based on today’s success, we are considering rewriting future training to include bacon in all tutorials.