We’re taking a break from our regular technical tips this long weekend. Longtime readers of this newsletter know we like to collect papercraft PDF projects. If you find yourself looking for a creative project this summer, download these plans for a working 35mm paper camera. dirkon_en.pdf

For everyone busily installing their new copies of Adobe CS3, we have a quick recommendation about Version Cue: Don’t install it.

This week’s creative tip is inspired by a question on how to create an interactive PDF for showing off before/after examples of Photoshop retouching projects. The technique itself may apply to a limited number of people, but it is a fun way to introduce some of InDesign’s lesser known interactive features. This tip includes a […]

Here is a quick tip for early adaptors of Adobe CS3. If you want to install both CS2 and CS3 on the same Mac, make sure you install Adobe CS2 first. If Adobe CS3 is already installed, the CS2 installer will gray out Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign, thinking those applications are already installed. The simple, […]

Adobe’s pen tool works pretty much the same across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Yet, as important as this ubiquitous tool is, many people get confused with how to handle certain tasks, and the differences between the various pen symbols. Adobe Pen Tool Cheatsheet.pdf Creativetechs’ resident Adobe Certified Expert, Jason Hoppe, has put together a quick […]

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