Check this out. Photographer Chase Jarvis stiched together every photo he shot over a 5-day period into a tight little self-promotion video. The collection includes hundreds of lighting tests, outtakes, blown angles, and odd experiments (anyone catch the chicken that wandered into one of the shots?).

Check out the full backstory at the Chase Jarvis Blog.

Individually this collection might not be much to write about. But when all 2,000 images are edited together with a hypnotic soundtrack, the result is almost cinematic.

All the images are shown in the exact order they were shot back in 2006 — long before the idea of collecting them into a video occurred to anyone. It is a fascinating look at the amount of work that goes into creating 6 to 10 commercially viable images.

I’ve done a little consulting about blog-based marketing with Chase lately. While we’d talked about a variety of viral video campaigns, this fantastic idea occurred to Chase’s studio manage Scott while flying to an oversea shoot.

Chase emailed me tonight at 6:30 p.m. to tell me that the video just went live on his website. When I checked the You Tube Video, there had only been 14 views so far. I bet by the end of the week there will be thousands!

PS> I think this video would be a make a great fit for my favorite design blog, SwissMiss. (Anyone listening out there?)