For everyone busily installing their new copies of Adobe CS3, we have a quick recommendation about Version Cue: Don’t install it.

Only a small fraction of design firms we work with have ever used Version Cue. In studios where we’ve helped develop a live Version Cue workflow, the actual Version Cue Server should only be installed on a single computer anyway.

So save the 150MB of disk space and potential software issues. If you wish to set up a Version Cue server in the future, you can always install it later.

Note: We’ve been recommending against a default installation of Version Cue for years, but this week several websites including MacFixIt, and the great InDesign Secrets blog reported that installing Version Cue CS3 can disable Mac OS X’s built-in firewall. Another good reason not to install it.

Source: This tip inspired by Creativetechs’ server expert Jordan Bojar who has tested, installed, and supported Version Cue in several live working environments.

CS3 Note: Regular tips readers know we’ve been throwing in an extra CS3 tip each week. This week we’ve started integrating CS3 into the mainstream tips. Our creative tip this week for example is illustrated with InDesign CS3 screenshots, although the technique is identical in InDesign CS2.