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A Moment that Changed Tech Forever

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to a defining moment in tech history.

January 9, 2007—17 years ago—a date that would forever alter the way we do business, connect, and basically everything else.

It was the day Apple unleashed the iPhone on the world at Macworld. Steve Jobs, in his iconic turtleneck and jeans, walked on stage, and the crowd knew something special was about to happen. Little did we know just how special.

iPhone wasn’t available for purchase until June 29 of that year—they really knew how to build anticipation. When that day finally arrived, it was nothing short of epic. Long lines, excited faces, and the release of one of the most iconic devices in history.

In 2007, Apple sold an enormous 1.4 million iPhones… and that was just the beginning. Year after year, the numbers climbed, soaring to over 230 million iPhones sold in 2015 alone.

The iPhone revolutionized the way we work and do business. It brought the world to our fingertips, and for entrepreneurs, it became a powerful tool for productivity, communication, and innovation.

From email on the go to video conferences in the palm of your hand, the iPhone became an indispensable ally for business owners worldwide.

Now for the big question: Are you team iPhone or team Android?