Each week we bring you a pair of creative and tech tips drawn directly from our real-world experience supporting hundreds of Mac-based creative teams across the greater Seattle area. Take a moment to peruse the most visited tech tips over the last year.

Tech #1: Change Microsoft Office’s serial number, Easy!

Tech #2: Avoid serial number headaches with CS3!

Tech #3: Set default applications in Mac OS X.

Tech #4: My Mac Won’t Start! A Tiny Guide.

Tech #5: Six free Internet speed test sites.

Tech #6: Mac OS X Shortcuts! A Tiny Guide.

Tech #7: What is a good microphone for podcasting?

Tech #8: Garbled Fonts Troubleshooting Guide.

Tech #9: Reset a lost Mac OS X password.

Tech #10: Fold your own iPhone today.

Source: For even more technically focused articles, check out Jordan Bojar’s Make Mac Work blog — yet another weekly publication from Creativetechs. What’s my favorite tech tip that didn’t make this list? What is RSS? A description in plain English.