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In a recent interview, Cynthia Hartwig, a mainstay in Seattle’s advertising community, offered some thoughts about our own tips newsletter:

“I love Creativetechs’ marketing program. I get their tips newsletter every week. They are so consistent with it. They’ve never missed a week. The tips aren’t always things I need, but it’s amazing how many times they’ll hit something that I need to know that day.

“Most people make the mistake of marketing as selling how great they are. I would never read an email from Creativetechs if they were just bragging about themselves. And yet, here I’ve invited them into my personal computer on a weekly basis.

“I’ve heard they get 100,000 visits on their tips website each month. So there’s this whole international community out there that knows this small business in Seattle, which is, in a way, unheard of. They’re thought leaders within the community. That’s a perfect place to be, and it’s all based on knowledge. They look really smart. And they are smart.”

Wow! Thanks Cynthia.

Source: These wonderful comments came up spontaniously in a client interview last week. Cynthia gratiously allowed us to quote her for publication today.