Microsoft will be ending support for Office 2013 at the end of February. Are you ready to make the transition to feature-rich Office 2016? Microsoft has made an announcement to inform Office 365 users that support will no longer be offered for the 2013 version of the software. The last day of support from the […]

Creativetechs is excited to introduce you to our newest team member, James Griffin! Known to his friends as Rhino (feel free to ask him about the story behind that info), James grew up in Central Illinois. In his spare time, James enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and kids. He […]

Let Us Take Care of Your Macs – You Take Care of Your Customers Sometimes it feels as if you need a genius to figure out problems with your network. Chronic Mac issues are not only a time-waster but costly as well. With our Total Support Plan, we can get you back to focusing on […]

Common Sense Mac Security Precautions The security of your business is something that must be taken seriously. Our cyber security offerings are an extension of our Total Support plan. Although Mac computers do not typically face the same threats as Windows computers, there is still a need to be vigilant and protect your network. Protecting […]

Who are we? We’re Mac people who like what technology does to make the lives of real people better! We really enjoy seeing the companies we work with grow and succeed. This isn’t The best part of our job is the interaction we have with other business owners. We’re tech translators. We actually read dialog […]

What We’re Good At – And Love To Do! Technical Expertise… So, this is where we show you how smart we are… But before we get to that, here’s the deal. We know that you just want your Mac to work and you want the rest of your network to function seamlessly with your Mac. […]

Hey Seattle (And Everywhere Else) Mac Lovers! We Dig iOS Too! So, you’re into Macs to run your entire business? Perfect. You’re our kind of person! (Do other kinds matter?) Apple or nothing… that’s our motto. We fully manage the IT of businesses just like yours (Mac people) across Greater Seattle. Because we’re Mac Fanboys, […]

We know your business depends on your IT systems. We wouldn’t have been in business for twenty years if we didn’t focus on our customer’s bottom line. We do Mac IT, and we do it right. We are real, approachable, and professional people who care about building a long-term, win-win relationship and making your business […]

Superb Partnerships Deliver Surprising Results! Smart leaders know what they don’t know and lean on others for that expertise. What we know is that our strategic partners are the best in the world at what they do. We are thrilled to be able to leverage the skill, quality, and services of these great companies to […]

Preparing You for When Everything Goes to Pieces Let’s face it. If your IT is down for days – for any reason (fire, flood, criminal act, human error) – your business is toast. So, some insurance is in order. We are that insurance! Your devices need to be backed up and the IOS, applications, and […]

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