Common Sense Mac Security Precautions

The security of your business is something that must be taken seriously.

Our cyber security offerings are an extension of our Total Support plan.

Although Mac computers do not typically face the same threats as Windows computers, there is still a need to be vigilant and protect your network.

Protecting what you have worked so hard to achieve is by no means “Mission Impossible.”

We have the training and the tools to give you the right balance of security and flexibility.

Email Security Services In Seattle

Email Security

Many email servers have little to no security built into their programs. By implementing our spam-filtering program, we keep the junk out of your inbox.

Managed Firewall for Apple Computers

Managed Firewall

We keep a close eye on your firewall’s infrastructure to detect any threats that could compromise your network.

Proactive Security Monitoring in Seattle

Active Monitoring

All computers can experience vulnerabilities – including Macs. We will monitor all computers and mobile devices for anomalies and potential threats.

Employee Security Training

Human Error Avoidance

The biggest source of security vulnerabilities is employee error. The simple truth is that many people just don’t know safe online practices. We can help.

Apple is awesome, but nothing is 110% secure. Let us help. {phone} or {email}