This is a short 3-minute segment taken from the live webinar Prepress with PDFs on August 27, 2008. This webinar discussed how Adobe PDF files can be used in graphic design prepress workflows. The full version of this online training goes in depth on how to make sure your PDFs will print properly when they […]

John Brandt’s Special Character Shortcuts (free) is a comprehensive PDF that shows how to access almost any special character in any font. The 16-page PDF includes cheatsheets for accented characters, ligatures, punctuation, currency, legal symbols, math, and greek symbols. Print out the pages for the characters you forget most often, and post them near your […]

Here is a technique I use every week while proofreading final drafts of this tips newsletter. When you need to proof your final documents or important email, have your computer read the text out loud to you and listen for mistakes. You’ll catch errors you might otherwise miss. In many OS X applications, you can […]

This short 7-minute segment comes from Creativetechs’ Marketing with HTML Email Newsletters webinar on August 20, 2008. This webinar covered the practical how-to’s for developing an effective, ongoing marketing strategy with HTML Email Newsletters. This clip demonstrates the fundamentals using a service like Campaign Monitor. The full online training includes demos of a number of […]

This short 5-minute clip comes from Creativetechs’ Creating Interactive PDFs webinar on August 13, 2008. In this workshop, Seattle trainer Jason Hoppe explorers the many ways designers can add interactive elements to their client’s PDFs. Including electronic forms, embedded movies, and many other interactive tricks. [View all Upcoming Webinars] Note: The sound is a poor […]

Wordle is a fun website that generates word clouds from any text you provide. Word clouds are a visual way of looking at the words used on a website. The image above is a visualization of the words on the front page of the Creativetechs website. The size and color of each word reflects how […]

This is a short 7-minute segment taken from Creativetechs’ Google for Graphic Designers webinar on August 6, 2008. In this workshop we dig into how designers can build their websites for maximum exposure in today’s search engines. [View all Upcoming Webinars] Note: The sound is a poor recording of a live phone call. We’re working […]

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