Wordle is a fun website that generates word clouds from any text you provide. Word clouds are a visual way of looking at the words used on a website. The image above is a visualization of the words on the front page of the Creativetechs website. The size and color of each word reflects how frequently it appears in the overall page.

Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds

If you design websites for a living Wordle is more than a toy. The words you use on your client’s sites form the online brand as far as Google is concerned. So you really have to pay attention to the words you use. Do they reflect the brand that you’re working to create?

For copywriters who write for the web, these word clouds provide visual feedback about word choices you might not be aware of. For web designers, a word cloud is a great reminder that Google doesn’t care how your site looks.

Webinar Video: Keyword Clouds in Action

This is a short 7-minute segment from Creativetechs recent “Google for Graphic Designers” webinar. In this clip we discuss the importance of building an online brand that Google understands by paying attention to the words you use. The final three minutes includes a demonstration of Wordle in action.

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Source: We discovered Wordle through a recent post on Debbie Millman’s blog showcasing a fascinating Boston Globe feature that compares the words used by the McCain and Obama presidential campaigns.