Most in-house creative teams face the issue of corporate images scattered throughout their department. Each designer ends up with a different assortment of photos they’ve compiled over the years. Collections of photos end up stored in individual project folders — even if those same images end up linked later to a dozen other projects. Over […]

Say you manage an in-house creative department that has amassed a large library of company images (product photography, buildings, headshots, etc). How can you make your photo library available to outside vendors or other people within the organization. Back in April of 2006, we recorded this short 5 minute video tutorial showing how to share […]

Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has developed an online autotrace tool that is dramatically more accurate than the LiveTrace tool available in Adobe Illustrator, or the old Adobe Streamline utility that some designers still have lurking around their hard drive. Even better it’s free! VectorMagic is available as an online tool on their website: […]

If you don’t have a full hour-and-half you can dedicate to watching Steve Jobs’ latest keynote at Macworld 2008, here is a great video that lets you catch the entire 90-minute speech in 60 seconds! Remarkably all the highlights are there. If you feel inspired to watch the full version, here’s the link at Apple’s […]

Mac OS X Leopard Server was released in October 2007. Creativetechs’ Enterprise Consultant, Jordan Bojar, has developed a special series of hands-on workshops that dig into the most important new features, and covers in detail how they impact larger creative teams in the Seattle area.

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