Here is one of those great small details that makes Adobe’s InDesign CS3 upgrade such a pleasure to work with. Eventually, most designers want a shortcut to switch to the Selection tool while you’re working inside a text frame. You can’t tap the V shortcut because you’ll just end up adding the letter “v” to your text.

Now with InDesign CS3, when you are finished editing your text, just hit the ESC key on your keyboard. This is the quick-and-easy way to jump out of an active text box and switch directly to the Selection tool.

I’ve come to love this simple little keystroke. Pass it along to another friend in your life who uses InDesign.

Source: This tip comes from graphic designer David Cole at Phinney Bischoff Design House in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood. Back in 2005, we wrote a more circuitous tip in QuickTips #90 for accomplishing a similar shortcut in InDesign CS2.