Mac OS X Leopard Server was released in October 2007. Creativetechs’ Enterprise Consultant, Jordan Bojar, has developed a special series of hands-on workshops that dig into the most important new features, and covers in detail how they impact larger creative teams in the Seattle area.

LeopardServer_ical.pngJanuary 23 — Shared Calendaring with iCal. With Leopard server, OS X now has a full-fledged solution for shared calendars and scheduling. But is iCal Server the best option for your creative team? We’ll explore multiple methods to get the most out of iCal in your work environment, then discuss calendar integration options for Mac-based departments within larger Windows-based organizations. [Fee: $200 — Register Here]

LeopardServer_timemachine.pngBackup Strategies. How can you protect your company’s essential data when your files and your organization keep growing? We’ve all heard about Leopard’s new Time Machine, but is it the best option for businesses? First, we’ll talk about the unique challenges of backing up graphics and video. Then, we’ll take a hard look at Retrospect — What’s happening with this tool we’ve relied on so heavily in the past? Finally, we’ll dig into Leopard Server’s built-in backup mechanisms, offering a clear plan for keeping your data safe in the future. [Fee: $200 — Register Here]

LeopardServer_systemimage.pngStreamlined Deployment. Preparing computers and installing software can be a time-consuming and disruptive process. Leopard Server includes features to streamline the setup and upkeep of all your Mac systems, but what about rolling out new software suites like Adobe CS3 and Office 2008? We’ll present strategies to reduce your per-machine support costs, and work with several tools to put those plans into action. [Fee: $200 — Register Here]