In honor of the holiday, we’ve compiled a collection of hidden Easter Eggs for Adobe Creative Suite. This set is for Adobe InDesign CS2.

Photoshop Easter Egg 1: Space Monkey Splash Screen.

Photoshop has a long history of amusing alternative splash screens. In CS2, hold down the Command key on your Mac and bring up the About Photoshop window (Windows: Ctrl+Alt). You’ll be greeted with the slightly famous space monkey.


Photoshop Easter Egg 2: Merlin Lives.

This little fellow is Merlin T. Wizard. He is a little homage to Photoshop 2.5, which was code-named “Merlin.” Go to the layer palette and click on the arrow for the layer palette menu. Hold down the Option key (Windows: Alt) and drag down and select “Palette Options” from the menu. There he is.

Source: About: Graphic Design

Photoshop Easter Egg 3: Doggie Memorial.

This one is my favorite, and even a bit touching. It is also the one that didn’t work properly when we first tested it — so some early readers of this post may not have seen this. Follow the these steps:

  1. Select Photoshop’s Type tool.
  2. Click the Toggle Palettes button () to display the Character palette.
  3. Select the Font Family field in the Character palette, and type the full name of a font that you have installed (e.g. “Verdana”) followed immediately by typing one of the names francis, anthony, christopher, or mitzgy — you’ll get beeped at each letter entered beyond your font’s name, but just ignore it.
  4. Now, click the Toggle Palettes button () again, and you should see a hidden memorial for Francis 1991-2004.

Source: Trevor Morris