If you manage a creative team with even a few designers, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of Adobe’s Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) when you purchase Adobe software and upgrades.

Link: Adobe volume licensing made easy.

You’ll probably save money. Far more importantly you’ll prevent a future of serial-number headaches.

A little paperwork now. Much hassle saved later.

With a transactional license, you get a single serial number for your whole studio (Mac or PC). Even better, the volume-licensed version of Creative Suite avoids the annoying product activation process that ties your installed software to specific computers.

Even the smallest studios can purchase Adobe products this way. Most mail order and catalog resellers can sell this type of volumne license. And Adobe now has a new direct purchase option for small businesses that wish to order directly:

Link: Adobe TLP Direct

Upgrading with a volumne license may require a little more paperwork up front, but the pay-off down the road is much easier maintenance of your studio’s software serial numbers.

Source: We’ve been preaching the value of centralized serial numbers for years. This tip first ran two years ago in QuickTips #49. Creativetechs provides proactive, outsourced computer maintenance for dozens of creative teams. Serial number management is a key ingredient in developing a well-managed studio.