In honor of the holiday, we’ve compiled a collection of hidden Easter Eggs for Adobe Creative Suite. This set is for Adobe InDesign CS2.

InDesign Easter Egg 1: Paw Print Path Styles.

This is a fun hidden secret in InDesign CS that we almost ran for Christmas. Create a custom stroke style. Set it to the “dash” type and name it Lights, Feet, Woof, or Happy (the capitalization matters). You’ll get a special border you can apply to any shape or path you like. Woof is shown above. For step-by-step instructions, check out this fun comic strip version of this tip.

Bonus: Create a custom stroke style using a “stripe” line type and name it Rainbow.

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InDesign Easter Egg 2: The Friendly Alien.

To make the InDesign Alien pay you a visit, you first need to go to File > Print Presets > Define, and create a new preset called “Friendly Alien” (capitalization matters). Choose a printer other than Postscript File when you set this up. Now bring up the print dialog box and select your new preset. Click the document preview window to make the alien hover out and say hello. (QuarkXPress switchers, this is a pretty obvious allusion to a classic QuarkXPress easter egg.)