In honor of the holiday, we’ve compiled a collection of hidden Easter Eggs for Adobe Creative Suite. This set is for Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Illustrator Easter Egg 1: Show Eyes (and more).

Hold down the Option key (Windows: Alt) and click on the pop-up menu at the bottom of your Illustrator artwork window. You’ll find some fun options added to the normal list. We like the set of eyes that follow your cursor around the screen as you work. You can also choose moon phases, mouse clicks, Illustrator units sold, a random number, or the number of shopping days ’til Christmas. The item at the top of this list was inspired by Mordy Golding who worked at Adobe as product manager for Illustrator 10 and Illustrator CS. That’s not his home number you get though, it’s Adobe tech-support.


Illustrator Easter Egg 2: Hidden Venus Splash Screen.

Botticelli’s Venus has appeared in various incarnations on Illustrator splashscreen almost since the beginning. However she was uncerimoniously removed in Illustrator CS. You can still get a Venus version of the Illustrator splashscreen in CS or CS2 though. Hold down Command+Option and select About Illustrator in the Illustrator menu (Windows: hold down Ctrl+Alt and select About Illustrator in the Help menu).


Illustrator Easter Egg 3: Secret Birthday Cakes

5/26/56 is an important date to someone at Adobe. Enter those numbers into a new custom brush and reveal the secret birthday cakes in Illustrator’s brush palette. Create a new calligraphic brush and enter the settings show above (Angle: 5°, Roundness: 26%, Diameter 56 pt). The brush preview changes to birthday cakes!

Source: About: Graphics Software