Thanks to everyone who joined us for Creativetechs’ presentation “Getting Ready for CS3, Leopard and New Macs!” at the School of Visual Concepts. We had a fun evening.

Turnout was great, and the audience Q&A at the end of the night went on for at least an hour after the show. Obviously this is a hot topic.

As always, here is a PDF of our presentation:

CS3 and Leopard 03-28-2007.pdf

In addition, we’ve compiled some extra links in this blog post…

Seattle Graphic Design Poll: Intel vs PPC

During our presentation, we had a chance to poll the audience about what types of Mac they are currently using. There were about 90 Seattle-area graphic designers in this audience.

Less than 20% of our audience was working on Intel-based Macs. Which is telling. This isn’t a scientific poll, but it does support our experience in the field.

Creative professionals have been holding off buying the new Intel Macs until the new version of CS3 is released and stable. This is one of the reasons there is pressure to adopt Creative Suite 3 more quickly than previous releases.

Note: Of our audience members using Intel-based Macs, several report frequent crashes in InDesign CS2 and Illustrator CS2. This also matches our experience supporting designers in the field.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Links:

Adobe: Creative Suite 3 Design Editions

Adobe: Terry White’s Weekly Creative Suite Podcast.

Mac OS X Leopard Links:

Apple: Mac OS X – Leopard Sneak Peak.

ThinkSecret: Leopard shipping in June. (Rumor)

Source: Thanks again to Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts and AIGA Seattle for hosting these wonderful free talks. And thank you to Apple’s Joe Fleck for providing a special sneak peak into Mac OS X Leopard for this talk. We unfortunately can’t include Joe’s presentation as part of the downloadable talk notes.