As a long-time FreeHand user, I’ve made my peace with that program’s departure. But my serenity is put to the test each time we must pull up old Freehand documents from past jobs. Happily, Illustrator CS3 will now directly open FreeHand MX and FreeHand 10 documents (previously, Illustrator CS2 could only open FreeHand 9 files […]

We’ve been getting a lot of calls and questions this last week about Creativetechs’ “official” recommendation to wait until June 2007 before upgrading to Adobe CS3. This recommendation was part of our presentation on March 28, 2007: Getting Ready for Leopard, CS3 and New Macs! Now that Adobe CS3 has actually started arriving at many […]

Last Wednesday morning, a Seattle construction crew cut through a water main one block from the Creativetechs office. About the same time our office phone lines and DSL went dead, killing our main Internet access. Yet, throughout this day’s drama, our office email kept flowing and we had full access to the Internet. Why? Because […]

Does your creative team rely on Internet to keep the business running? If any interruption in email causes major headaches, you might consider adding a backup Internet connection for your studio. There are routers available that support dual Internet connections. For example, your office might have a primary high-speed connection, with a secondary inexpensive connection […]

Over the last several years Creativetechs has encouraged many creative teams to replace their team’s older Postscript font libraries with newer OpenType font collections. In the past, old Postscript fonts couldn’t support a large number of characters. To get around that limitation, special “expert” font sets were created to provide designers with additional typographic features […]

Some early adopters are experiencing problems installing their new copy of Adobe CS3. If you tested the public beta version of Photoshop CS3 on your computer you will see the following cryptic error when you try to install the full version: “Adobe Photoshop CS3 cannot be installed because it conflicts with: Adobe Photoshop CS3” If […]

If you manage a creative team with even a few designers, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of Adobe’s Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) when you purchase Adobe software and upgrades. Link: Adobe volume licensing made easy. You’ll probably save money. Far more importantly you’ll prevent a future of serial-number headaches.

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