AppleRemote.jpgApple ships their new Apple Remote with every computer they make today. We’ve started hearing complaints from designers whose Macs go wacky when coworkers run a presentation using one of these ubiquitous devices. We’ve compiled links to a couple handy Apple Technotes that document how to pair a remote with a specific Mac (or Apple TV).

Pairing your Apple Remote with your Mac.

Pairing your Apple Remote with your Apple TV.

Pairing your Apple Remote with your iPod Dock.

Multicolor cases for Apple Remote.

Help remember which Apple Remote goes to which computer with these colorful cases.

TuneRemote ($19.95)

zCover ($14.95)

Additional Apple Technote Links:

How to replace the Apple Remote battery.

Handy Apple Remote Software:

Control any app with the Apple Remote. Handy for running a PowerPoint presentation for example.

Sofa Control ($14.90)

Twisted Melon ($15.95)

Source: This tip inspired by numerous support calls, including one photographer who is now using an Apple TV as a central portfolio display for his studio. We’ve used Sofa Control several times at Seattle’s School of Visuals Concepts to run PowerPoint presetations with the Apple Remote.