Many OpenType fonts include a collection of alternative character glyphs which can be used to add an extra flourish to your typography. This is particularly useful in Adobe’s OpenType script fonts such as Bickham Script.

AppleJack is a great troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack installed, you can troubleshoot a computer even if Mac OS X won’t fully start, or don’t have a startup CD handy. We recomend AppleJack in our tiny-but-popular My Mac Won’t Start! guide. We’ve been holding back this tip for a new version that […]

This is the oddest line item in the Creativetechs marketing budget for 2006. 55 bucks for our message on a digital piece of toast? Link: Your Name on Toast I’m a Seth Godin junkie, and he mentioned this site on his blog. I would have dismissed this out of hand from any other source.

This is admittedly last-minute, but if you’re in New York City looking for something to do tonight we suggest you stop by the SOHO Apple store (103 Prince Street; corner Prince and Greene) for a multimedia presentation by Seattle-based commercial photographer Chase Jarvis. Part of a free lecture series presented by Apple and ASMP.

The bad news: Your network is overloaded and slowing to a crawl. You team is producing larger files, but your server can’t handle it. And you’d rather not admit it, but your studio’s archiving and backup strategies are held together with duct tape and WD-40. The good news: For a lot of companies, it’s budget […]

We get occasional calls from Mac-based corporate creative teams, asking about strange files their Windows-based co-workers are seeing on shared file servers. The files have familiar names, but all start with a “._” prefix. Here is the explanation of where those oddly named files come from, and why they are important to the Mac-based creative […]

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