One of the classic questions every designer asks while learning how to design web pages using CSS: “How do I create multi-column layouts?”

Alessandro Fulciniti’s Layout Gala is a great place for hands-on learners to start. You’ll find 40 variations on a simple 3-column layout, each with valid CSS and HTML. Download a couple files and poke around using Dreamweaver to start getting a handle on how to build pages using CSS.

In addition to the Layout Gala examples, we’ve provided links to a couple deeper CSS tutorials:

Postition is Everything: In search of the One True Layout

A List Apart: In Search of the Holy Grail

Source: This tip inspired by an upcoming class at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts: Cascading Style Sheets in a Day led by Brent LaMotte, interactive development manager with Horton Lantz & Low.