About a year ago Seth Godin published Who’s There? — a free ebook about the evolving art of marketing with blogs. (This was a follow-up to his previous ebook Knock Knock which discussed how to make websites do their job better.) This 45-page PDF is a quick read: Seth Godin’s Who’s There (PDF) Seth’s book […]

This week’s tech tip is a simple PDF checklist we’ve been using at Creativetechs for several years now. The next time you have someone work on your computer, print out this checklist and keep it handy. Before you let your tech leave, go through this with them to make sure everything important is still working […]

We’ve been adding an extra blog-related tip to our weekly newsletter to promote an upcoming blogging talk Creativetechs’ Craig Swanson is giving at the School of Visual Concepts next month. This week’s scheduled tip wasn’t quite done by press time, so here is a fun replacement: Visit the online Concert Ticket Generator Enter your information […]

At first glance, this week’s creative tip may seem a little frivolous. One of our clients recently called for some coaching in how to create word-search puzzles for a monthly magazine she designs. Yet as we dig a little below the surface this fun project demonstrates InDesign’s ability to place Excel spreadsheets as a table […]

Last month one of our clients, a prominent Seattle photographer, lost her laptop while flying home from an assignment. Her dilemma reminded us of a few software packages we’ve heard of that attempt to help reunite stolen computers with their rightful owner. How theft recovery software works. When a stolen computer is connected to the […]

Should you ever lose your laptop while traveling, StuffBak property identification tags increase the chance that your lost item will be returned to you. StuffBak offers a wide range of label shapes and sizes that affix to any electronic device, such as a laptop, camera, iPod, cell phone, or external hard drive.

Ever wondered how you might use a blog for your studio? You can see how hundreds of other designers answered that same question at Designers Who Blog. This site (a blog itself) provides a constantly growing list of over 400 blogging designers. Also included are illustrators, photographers, and professionals in advertising and marketing, etc.

Are Apple’s DIY options not juicy enough for you? If you really like getting deeper into your own Mac hardware repair, you’ll probably love a collection of Fixit Guides created by iFixit. These guides are for serious do-it-yourself Apple laptop repairs. Each Fixit Guide has detailed disassembly instructions that walk you through the process of […]

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