Are Apple’s DIY options not juicy enough for you?

If you really like getting deeper into your own Mac hardware repair, you’ll probably love a collection of Fixit Guides created by iFixit.

These guides are for serious do-it-yourself Apple laptop repairs. Each Fixit Guide has detailed disassembly instructions that walk you through the process of easily accessing and replacing components in your PowerBook or iBook. These guides are well written and well illustrated. iFixit has even developed new instruction manuals for Apple’s latest MacBook and MacBook Pros.

Jasson Lewellen, Creativetechs’s resident laptop repair guru, had this to say about iFixit’s guides:

“These are generally good guides, but this is not something I’d recommend to most users just because how tricky the insides of a laptop can be. Most of the procedures detailed in these guides will void any kind of warranty. Which means if anything goes wrong, Apple will impose a hefty charge to fix it. So, aside from my first concern about people who don’t know what they are doing getting inside and damaging their laptops, for those who can or want to, these are great instructions, almost as good as having the official apple service manual at hand.”

Source: We ran across these guides in February, and have been debating whether to include them in a tip since then.

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