If you are the hands on type that likes to troubleshoot and solve your own computer problems, you might want to bookmark Apple’s Do-It-Yourself page.


Pick your Mac and you’ll be taken to a page that lists all the parts Apple considers to be user installable. Instructions are easy to follow and have great up close photos and diagrams. Some older Mac instructions include handy QuickTime tutorials.

Source: Apple’s DIY page was mentioned in a recent article at The Small Dog Apple Blog which we’ve been reading religiously ever since they said such nice things about our own little tips newsletter! (Thanks Small Dog!)

Gratuitous Self-Promotion: This may be a good time to mention that Creativetechs offers full onsite AppleCare and warranty repairs for some larger Seattle-area creative teams. This is pretty new. We currently provide onsite service for Amazon, Costco, K2, and the Seattle Sonics. If you know a larger coporate creative team that could benifit from easier onsite hardware repair, we have a short webpage describing Creativetechs’ Apple Authorized Service Provider option.