You’ve designed a new logo, identity, and business papers for a good client. It looks great. They are happy. Then a simple request derails everything: “Can I get a copy of my new letterhead to use in Microsoft Word?” That seemingly innocent question has driven more than one designer to distraction. While this week’s creative […]

Here is another tiny booklet in our collection of Mac-focused PocketMod guides. This one is loosely based on a form Apple provides on their Mac 101 website. One of the big problems we at Creativetechs run into while supporting creative pros is helping our clients keep track of all those crucial details: Passwords, network settings, […]

Few situations are more frustrating than struggling with a computer that won’t start. Especially with client deadlines looming. That’s the idea behind this tiny troubleshooting guide: My Mac Won’t Start! (PocketMod Edition) Print out this guide, fold it together, and keep it handy. Designed with the clever PocketMod template (read Discover PocketMod. The low-tech PDA.), […]

The PocketMod website lets you create tiny 8-page booklets that fold together from a single letter size sheet of paper. You can print one on your laser printer, fold it together, and carry it around, well, in your pocket. The hardest part is deciphering the cryptic folding instructions.

Adobe has produced a 44-page PDF that explains how to convert your FreeHand documents over to Illustrator CS2. It discusses what changes to expect in your document after the conversion, and what’s different about the Illustrator interface. Freehand to Illustrator Migration Guide As long-time Freehand users ourselves, we recommend downloading and browsing through this guide. […]

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap ($420) is a remarkable device that’s unbelievably productive and compact — about the size of a small fax machine. Its purpose is to convert printed documents into searchable electronic files, and it does that very quickly. Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-5110EOXM ScanSnap has two scanning heads which lets it scan both sides of a double-sided […]

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