HandPocketMod.jpgFew situations are more frustrating than struggling with a computer that won’t start. Especially with client deadlines looming. That’s the idea behind this tiny troubleshooting guide:

My Mac Won’t Start! (PocketMod Edition)

Print out this guide, fold it together, and keep it handy. Designed with the clever PocketMod template (read Discover PocketMod. The low-tech PDA.), you can tape this tiny booklet to the side of your Mac in case you ever need it. It lists several of the most common fixes for a Mac that will not start up properly.

What’s a PocketMod?

A PocketMod is a special paper template that folds together to make a tiny 8-page booklet from a single sheet of paper. You print it out on your printer, fold it together, and carry it around, well, in your pocket.

Follow the folding diagram shown below, or watch a short video tutorial on the PocketMod website (look for the “Video Instructions” button).

Printing tip: For best results when printing from Acrobat, set page scaling to “none” in Acrobat’s print options.

No time to fold! Just help me fix my Mac!

Don’t want to mess around with printing and folding together a guide? Download a normal (non-PocketMod) PDF of the troubleshooting guide here:

My Mac Won’t Start! (Normal Edition)

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This troubleshooting guide was co-created by two designer-friendly computer support firms: Creativetechs in Seattle and Forget Computers in Chicago. Both companies have spent years helping creative teams stay productive with today’s changing technology.