HandPocketMod-MemoryBook.jpgHere is another tiny booklet in our collection of Mac-focused PocketMod guides. This one is loosely based on a form Apple provides on their Mac 101 website.

One of the big problems we at Creativetechs run into while supporting creative pros is helping our clients keep track of all those crucial details: Passwords, network settings, mail server addresses, email addresses, hardware specifications, serial numbers, etc. Thus we give you the Mac Memory Book:

My Mac Memory Book! (PocketMod Edition)

This topic is less exciting than our first guide, My Mac Won’t Start — and a scrap of folded paper does not replace the need for good organization. But if you’ll fill this guide out for each computer in your office, and keep it handy, this information will come in useful time and time again.

For instructions on how to fold this guide, or for templates to create your own PocketMod, read Discover PocketMod. The low-tech PDA.