FromDesignIntoPrint-250px.pngOver the last few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of questions about printing, and prepress in our weekly InDesign classes.

For an understanding of the issues involved in reproducing your digital designs on old-fangled ink and paper, I highly recommend a newly updated book by Sandee Cohen:

Book: From Design Into Print

This book reads like a visual quickstart guide for professional printing, and does the best job I’ve seen of boiling down complex printing issues into a friendly, readable guide.

Web: From Design Into Print Blog.

iTunes: From Design Into Print Podcast.

For even more printing wisdom, check out Sandee’s related blog and podcast. The podcast in particular is a hoot.

Source: I’m working on enticing Sandee out to Seattle sometime this fall to lead a course on preparing digital files for professional printing for our worldwide audience. Interested in that? Leave a comment below if you’d like to see us offer an online course covering prepress and printing issues!

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