Due to the increased connectivity of technologies, as well as the growing number of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is set for unprecedented growth in 2017. If 2016 taught business leaders and IT experts anything, it was the importance of implementing best practice cybersecurity measures. However, in addition to the growing number of cyber attacks, 2016 also positioned […]

Productivity technology sets up success for your mobile staff wherever they may roam. Are you providing them with the best tools for productivity on the go? Your most well-traveled employees take your goods and services out in the field, meet new clients, attend conferences and are the face of your brand at industry events. The […]

California lawmakers are working diligently to protect businesses and deter cyber attackers by trying to make ransomware a felony. California state legislators, administrators, and technology leaders have come together to try to ban ransomware. The recent series of unprecedented attacks on hospitals in Southern California has provided the foundation needed for lawmakers to form their […]

The Microsoft Office Suite has stood as a top program package for several decades. While many of the core software titles have built on the foundation Microsoft started in 1990 (Bill Gates officially announced Microsoft Office in 1988), additional titles are now included. Beyond all the titles and new features, the suite of programs has […]

A reliable data backup system is your business’ best defence against data loss. However, not all types of backups are able to protect your business against all kinds of data loss. Many companies believe that just by having an onsite backup in place, they have all of their bases covered. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. […]

Accountants must ensure that their IT infrastructures are SOX compliance if they want to pass the required third-party audit. Accountants who work with publicly owned companies should be familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). In light of the financial scandals of the late 1990s and early 2000s, this law is designed to ensure that investors […]

Industry experts recommend taking a few simple precautionary measures to protect valuable LinkedIn data before upcoming changes are made to the networking platform. LinkedIn has avid users in the slight panic as they prepare for the “soon to come” changes that the popular networking site has promised for 2017. Given their track record for past […]

With cyber security breaches making headlines on an almost daily basis, it’s no wonder that it’s become an important area of focus for business owners. And while stepping up a firewall and antimalware software and adding additional protections such as two-factor authentication and data encryption are all critical when it comes to protecting your business, […]

You likely know about ransomware but do you know about ransomworms? Ransomware is one of the most common ways that hackers are using these days to infiltrate companies and make a profit. It has been very profitable for them but now security experts see the next phase of hackers uses a different method: ransomworms. It […]

You may have already had a network firewall to fend off malicious entry. How well-trained are your gatekeepers; i.e., your human firewall? This article highlights some things you can do to make sure your system users can recognize intrusion dangers from other sources like email and malicious links. This article highlights some things you can […]

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