Last week Steve Jobs unvieled the new Apple iPad. Happily, almost everything we’ve been learning about developing iPhone Web Apps looks like it’s going to work the same for Apple’s new tablet. Here is a short video exceprt from the first week of Elisabeth Robson’s course, Learn to Build iPhone Web Apps, showing how to […]

One of the more controversial choices in the new Apple iPad is the lack of support for Flash-based content. So, what does the web look like without Flash? If you are curious, there are a number of utilities and scripts that allow you to disable Flash on your desktop browser. Here are a couple plugins: […]

Planning just the right time and location for landscape photography can be challenging. Landscape photographers typically want to plan their shoots around the times of sunrise/sunset or twilight. That’s why photographer Stephen Trainor created the Photographer’s Ephemeris, an Adobe AIR application that provides a visual and simplified solution for finding vantage points for dusk and […]

This free collection of 220 Photoshop Layer Styles let your quickly sort through glow, gradient, glass, gel, and other effects. Nothing too complex, but a helpful assortment of effects that you can explore and modify for some quick designs. Link: DezinerFolio’s 220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles Source: keeps a slew of fun freebies […]

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