photgraphers-ephemeris-250px.pngPlanning just the right time and location for landscape photography can be challenging. Landscape photographers typically want to plan their shoots around the times of sunrise/sunset or twilight.

That’s why photographer Stephen Trainor created the Photographer’s Ephemeris, an Adobe AIR application that provides a visual and simplified solution for finding vantage points for dusk and sunset photography. It integrates satellite and terrain maps from Google into a visually pleasing interface.

Link: The Photographer’s Ephemeris App

Read on for a couple video tutorials showing this tool in action.

Photographer’s Ephemeris: Video Tutorials

Two video tutorials from Yellow Wood Guiding on the use of The Photographer’s Ephemeris software:

Source: This tip is loosely inspired by a discussion last week with nature and wildlife photographer Jon Cornforth during the live recording session of the John Greengo Photography Show. You can subscribe in iTunes to be among the first to get a copy of that interview when we post it later this week.