Swinburne Flash Podcasts

Need to build some Flash skills? Swinburne University in Australia has posted almost 10 hours of free Flash videos taught by members of their design faculty. You can access the tutorials directly from their podcasts website, or subscribe in iTunes:

Swinburne Podcasts: Faculty of Design – Flash

iTunes U: Swinburne University Flash Tutorials

This collection of tutorials features training in Flash MX 2004. That’s a few versions back, but the learning applies to newer versions of Flash as well. It’s a good, free place to start building your Flash skills.

Flash Basics ClassSource: This tip comes from Seattle instructor Erik Fadiman whom we’ve enticed into teaching a free, worldwide, Flash: Basics course at Creativetechs on May 7th. Erik is faculty at Seattle Central Community College Graphic Design and has an organized, comfortable teaching style.

We’re trying to temp Erik into committing to a full 10-Week Flash course. Help us make that possible by signing up a big audience for this his class. Let’s show Erik a good time!