This 5-minute clip comes from the Q&A portion of the first week of Jason Hoppe’s 10-Week Photoshop Course. This clip includes an assortment of tips inspired by audience questions. Including how to quickly reset dialog boxes, a shortcut for moving type boxes, quickly scrolling through fonts, setting precise guides, and shortcuts for zooming. Free Photoshop […]

This 5-minute clip comes from the first week of Jason Hoppe’s 10-Week Photoshop Course. Keyboard shortcuts are very important. In this clip, Jason walks you through how to customize the shortcuts for Photoshop’s menus, tools, and palettes. Free Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment.

On February 26, Creativetechs kicked off the first class of our free 10-week Photoshop Course. This 9 minute video provides an overview to that webinar format and details about the upcoming Photoshop classes. Free Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment.

Our Webinar starts in about 10 minutes. I’ve posted a video tutorial on how to log in. There are 383 people signed in right now, We’ll be filling up for sure. Free Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment.

This is a bit off-topic from our tips format. I’d like to put out a request to the more technical readers in our audience. Our lead enterprise engineer, Jordan Bojar, has been asked to pull together a book proposal based on his Make Mac Work blog. If you have never visited, Make Mac Work is […]

We just sent out the webinar confirmation emails for Week 1 of our Free Photoshop Course. If you enrolled for this worldwide training experiment, that email should arrive in your inbox today. If you have not enrolled yet, now is the time to do so. Sign-up here: Free Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment. And yes, you […]

“How do I copy music from my iPod back to my computer?” This is one of those common questions we get all the time. Typically a drive fails and the iTunes music library wasn’t properly backed up. Or maybe someone wants an easy way to copy music from a friend’s iPod. This week we’ll take […]

For several years, photographer and designer Trevor Morris has maintained a great set of Photoshop keyboard shortcut cheatsheets. We’ve linked to his collection several times for previous versions of Photoshop. If you’ve upgraded to Photoshop CS4, download this handy PDF cheatsheet, print it out, and keep it near your computer: Photoshop CS4 Shortcuts (Mac) Photoshop CS4 […]

This week’s tip was pulled from a collection of rapid-fire speed tips for working with guides in Jason Hoppe’s Moving Faster in InDesign CS3/CS4 webinar. Ever want to quickly delete all the guides on an InDesign page? Here’s how: You can quickly select all the guides on your page by typing Command-Option-G (On the PC, […]

The URL says it all. Here is a free site that monitors up to 20 of your Web sites and notifies you if they go down: I’ve looked at a dozen similar services over the years, and this one is as straightforward as it gets. You can also upgrade to a paid account at […]

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