I teach monthly online marketing seminars at our Seattle training partner Luminous Works. Last night I led a new class on Google AdWords & Online Advertising. There will be tips from that class coming up in future weeks, but I wanted to share a quote from an email I received this morning from one of last night’s attendees:

“Craig, This was a GREAT class. The informal and succinct presentation provided simple and manageable solutions to what for most is mind-numbingly complex material. Best of all, I can implement 90% of your recommendations myself. In short, a comprehensive class in very professional and comfortable surroundings… worth 10X the price! I would recommend the class for anyone — except my competitors!” – Alan Burke, Classic Nursery & Landscape Company

Before anyone asks, yes, one day we’ll offer these online marketing classes via our workshop/webinar format. Probably not for several months however.

Classic Nursery & Landscape Company.

Classic Nursery is a Redmond-based landscape company that was founded in 1985. So if you work at Microsoft and you have a beautiful garden, you probably already know about them. They have a beautiful website that was designed by Bullseye Creative in Seattle.

If you live in the greater Redmond area, do check them out. Here are links to some of the various sections of their website:

Redmond Landscape Architecture Services

Portfolio of Redmond Garden Designs

Puget Sound Nursery & Garden Center

Gardening Tips and Resources

Oh, and of course, here is a link to their beautiful all-Flash welcome page.

Source: Clever readers among you might recognize that this tip is, in part, a small bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) engineering. As of Feb 9, only a single page of the Classic Nursery website was indexed by Google. We’ll see how that looks next week! You can check the progress by doing a Google search of and see for yourself. We’ll probably be writing this up this example as a future tip.