As we head into the shortened Thanksgiving week, we’d like to offer our traditional holiday papercraft project. This delectable roast turkey was found on a Japanese site. We’ve bundled the templates into a single easy-to-download PDF: Papercraft Turkey PDF Continue across the jump for links to the original site (with Google translations into English).

Over the last six months we’ve been poking at a new version of the Creativetechs website. This weekend we finally threw the switch. This is a work in progress, and we’ll be cleaning up details and fixing missing links over the coming week. Please give us a visit: Link: Creativetechs Website Link: Creativetechs Tips Blog […]

Most InDesign production artists have a routine they repeat dozens of times a day: Place a graphic into an image frame, and quickly type a keyboard command to fit the graphic to the frame size. It becomes an instinctive keystroke. Command-Option-Shift-E fits the graphic proportionally. Command-Option-Shift-C fills the frame with your graphic. But, no matter […]

TextExpander 2.5 ($30) isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself typing on the computer on a daily basis, text substitutions can save you a lot of time. TextExpander automatically expands abbreviated text snippets into predefined words or phrases. It can also run scripts based on what you type. As an example, whenever I type […]

We get frequent questions from designers wanting to use HTML email for client projects or their own marketing. Here is our comparison of the four prominent email delivery services on the market today. Campaign Monitor MailChimp AWeber Constant Contact Implemented properly, email newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. Financially, they are one of the most […]

Flash skills are increasingly in demand, and there is a shortage of good Flash designers on the market today. Yet, despite the business opportunities, many print designers find the leap to interactive Flash design intimidating. If that sounds familar, here is a great series of tutorials detailing how to create a simple Flash-based shooter game […]

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