Last week’s CS4 Social at Luminous Works was a hit. Hours after the Adobe unveiling, a lucky group of Seattle designers and photographers had a chance to see CS4 in person (including some of the new 3D features in Photoshop CS4). Tonight, we’re holding another CS4 preview at the Creativetechs office in South Lake Union: […]

Need a series of equally spaced guides in your next layout? No problem. You can select and align ruler guides as easily as any other objects in InDesign. Simply use the Selection tool (the arrow) and shift-click on several guides to select them, or drag a selection box over multiple guides. Then click on the […]

If you haven’t registered for tomorrow’s Web Broadcast that kicks off Adobe’s Creative Suite 4, you still have time: Link: Something Brilliant We’re sworn to secrecy until Adobe lifts the curtain. But tomorrow night in Seattle, we’re throwing a party with our Seattle-area training partner, Luminous Works, to celebrate all the new CS4 goodness. Source: Tomorrow’s CS4 […]

If you’ve ever wanted to slightly expand the size of a selection in Photoshop, you may have experienced this frustration. When you choose Select > Modify > Expand, Photoshop expands the size of your selected area — but it rounds the corners in the process. Next time, choose Select > Transform Selection instead. Photoshop’s traditional transform box appears […]

Here is a fun trick to try in your favorite web browser. Paste the following snippet of javascript code into the address bar where you normally type a web address: javascript:window.resizeTo(800,600); This tiny script tells your web browser window to jump to 800×600 pixels in size. A handy shortcut for web designers proofing sites. Here […]

If you live in the Seattle area, be one of the first to experience CS4 in person. We’re partnering with Luminous Works in Ballard for a special CS4 social gathering. Join us September 23 from 6 to 8 PM, the day of the official CS4 announcement, at the Luminous Works Schoolhouse in Ballard. Instructor Steve […]

Don’t want to wait to learn what CS4 has in store for us? Check out this handheld video from the Photoshop World Keynote earlier this month. Adobe’s Senior VP of the Creative Business Unit, Johnny Loiacono, showed off some remarkable new features. Scrub forward 16 minutes into the video for the serious Photoshop CS4 magic. […]

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