Here is a fun trick to try in your favorite web browser. Paste the following snippet of javascript code into the address bar where you normally type a web address:


This tiny script tells your web browser window to jump to 800×600 pixels in size. A handy shortcut for web designers proofing sites. Here are a collection of resize links based on that simple javascript code:

Resize Link: 640×480
Resize Link: 800×600
Resize Link: 1024×768
Resize Link: Full Screen

You can save these links as Bookmarklets — small javascripts saved as normal bookmarks — to easily resize your browser windows on the fly.

In the rest of this tip we’ll walk you through adding Bookmarklets in Safari.

Adding Bookmarklets to Safari.

To add these Resize Bookmarklets to Safari, just drag the links from this webpage up into your Bookmark Bar.


Once they’ve been added, click on the bookmarks button to organize your Bookmark Bar. Add a folder to hold all your resize scripts (Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder) and group them under a single pull-down menu.


Source: This tip comes from Creativetechs’ own Kyle Pauley. For some addition resizing finesse check out this post on