For this week’s tip we’re breaking away from our normal weekly format. We’ve compiled links to over a dozen free eBooks, PDFs, and Manifestos, containing a plethora of sales, marketing, and management strategies to help you run and grow a successful creative studio. We’ve linked directly to the PDFs for several of these books:

  1. The Word Of Mouth Manual
  2. Win Without Pitching Manefesto
  3. Ten Tests of Your Studio’s Positioning
  4. The Design Funnel
  5. Time Management for Creative People
  6. The Guide to Making Passive Income
  7. How To Be Creative
  8. Web Designer’s Success Guide
  9. AIGA’s “Why Design?” Booklet
  10. A Primer in Social Media
  11. Business Start-up Guide for Designers and Makers
  12. Branding vs Advertising
  13. The Zen of Blogging
  14. Harvard Business Review: The One Number You Need to Grow.
  15. Testify: How Remarkable Organizations are Creating Customer Evangelists.

No list of marketing ebooks would be complete without including the contributions of Seth Godin whose book, The Ideavirus, is claimed to be the most downloaded eBook of all time. Here are some of his many freely available publications in roughly chronological order:

  1. The Idea Virus
  2. The Bootstrapper’s Bible
  3. Realy Bad Powerpoint
  4. Bull Market: 2004
  5. Knock Knock
  6. Who’s There?
  7. Flipping the Funnel
  8. Do Less
  9. Pushing Past the Dip: How to Become the Best in the World
  10. Marketing Mismatch: When New Won’t Work With Old.

This list may continue to grow, so check back. We’ll post additional free books as we discover them.

Source: Lately, we’ve heard a lot of studio owners expressing a renewed focus on their sales and marketing efforts. We are strong believers that healthy design firms must maintain a consistent, ongoing marketing effort.