My name is Donnie, and you suck at Photoshop! Thus starts the funniest and oddest collection of Photoshop tutorials we’ve seen. The production values are terrible. The language is crude. The Photoshop techniques are pedestrian at best. These tutorials are not exactly kid safe or appropriate for some workplaces. So on this April Fool Day […]

Here is another quick-but-useful tip for InDesign and QuarkXpress. When you need to set a tab that aligns to the right edge of your text box, don’t waste your time fumbling with manual tab stops. Both InDesign and QuarkXPress have a hidden feature that makes this easy. Just remember these shortcut keys: InDesign: Shift-TabQuarkXPress: Option-Tab

Renamer4Mac makes it easy to rename a large number of files. You just drag files or folders into its window, then adjust what you want to change. As you define your intended changes, Renamer4Mac previews in blue what each new file name will look like. When your file names appear the way you want them, […]

xScope ($27) is a great utility for Mac-based web and UX (user experience) designers. It provides a number of floating tools for measuring, aligning, and inspecting on-screen graphics. xScope You have to play with xScope to get a sense of how helpful it is. It has on-screen rulers, floating guides, and a nicely designed screen […]

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