xScope ($27) is a great utility for Mac-based web and UX (user experience) designers. It provides a number of floating tools for measuring, aligning, and inspecting on-screen graphics.


You have to play with xScope to get a sense of how helpful it is. It has on-screen rulers, floating guides, and a nicely designed screen overlay that shows the usable space for any screen (including new templates for the iPhone). My favorite feature is a new dimensions tool (shown above), which instantly identifies the pixel dimensions of anything on your screen. Link to the movie below for a better sense of how cool this feature is:

Movie: xScope Dimensions Tool

Download a free trial of xScope and give it a spin.

Source: This tip inspired by the repeated suggestion of fellow blogger Jordan Bojar. With added credence from a mention on Daring Fireball where John Gruber says “xScope is my favorite utility for zooming in on and measuring on-screen graphics.”