Check out this MP3 collection with almost 100 old spooky, corny and kitschy vinyl records from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. If you are the right age, you might remember a few of these classics from your own childhood LP collections. The entire MP3 collection is available for free — just in time for […]

Over the last week we’ve had a lot of Apple laptops in our office for various repairs and upgrades — including one of our own MacBook Pros that was upgraded with a larger internal hard drive. It is a good reminder that however skilled you are at hardware repair, you won’t be able to open […]

If you suspect that fonts are causing problems in your applications, an easy troubleshooting step is deleting your Mac’s font caches. We’ve covered font cache problems before in our Garbled Fonts Troubleshooting Guide — which delves into font problems more deeply. However we did overlook a quick and easy method to delete font cache files.

Photoshop guru Jason Hoppe teaches non-destructive retouching techniques in Photoshop. In classes at Creativetechs he shows many ways to improve your images without overwriting the original image data. Done properly, image quality doesn’t degrade as you make edits, and you retain flexibility when clients come back with later change requests. Here’s a classic example of […]

Join us at the Creativetechs office Wednesday mornings 9:30am to 11am. Pick up a couple new skills, and get back to work before lunch. You can put what you learn into use the same day. The cost is $50 per workshop. Thanks to everyone who helped make last month such a success. We continue to […]

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